Community Defibrillators
Foxholes with Butterwick Parish Council have provided two defibrillators, with funding assistance from various parties, for use by local residents when necessary. These useful additions to the community infrastructure will be available to help save lives for many years to come.

One is located outside W Scruton’s Garage in Foxholes. Funding was provided by Foxholes with Butterwick Parish Council with contributions donated by: Wilfred Scruton Ltd and George Bairstow Charitable Trust.

The second one is located outside Bannister’s Farm Shop, Butterwick, funded by the Foxholes with Butterwick Parish Council with contributions from George Bairstow Charitable Trust, T Bannister and B & F Potatoes Ltd.

The Parish Council wishes to thank all those who assisted with the funding of these two defibrillators for the benefit of local residents.

A number of local volunteers have been trained on how to use it. However if you have not received this training, in an emergency call “999” in the normal way and if the emergency requires the use of a defibrillator, the Ambulance Service will provide the code to unlock the defibrillator and provide instructions over the phone on how to use it if necessary.

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